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You are the product of weeks of preparation. Your highlight of the year is coming closer and closer, and very soon you will be running your marathon! So that you achieve success on your "big day", here are some important tips for along the way.

We differentiate between various topics:
Compiled by Torsten Binder, Dipl. Nutritionist

What is the optimum supply?


Download recommendations for consumption now:
half-marathon.pdf (104 KB)   marathon.pdf (122 KB)  

The supply of carbohydrates must be finely tuned prior to the competition.

For this reason, drink 500ml Isotonic Energy Drink the evening before the day of the competition. Overnight, you lose a high quantity of liquid and therefore also sodium through breathing, sweating and, after getting up, through morning urination. In addition, carbohydrate levels are at a minimum in the morning. Consume 500ml Isotonic Energy Drink 1 hour prior to the start.

Tip in case of extreme challenges: Drink 1 tube of Liquid Energy Pure 15 minutes prior to the start.


From the start, ensure a constant supply of nutrients.

Half marathon:
From kilometres 13 and 17, consume ½ tube Liquid Energy Pure + water at the refreshment stations.

From kilometre 15, consume ½ tube Liquid Energy Pure every 5 kilometres + water at the refreshment stations.


Of essential importance for fast regeneration is the compensation of lost nutrients and mineral substances.

Within the first half hour after activity, the metabolism is still stimulated. Therefore the body is able to absorb and process the supplied nutrients to an increased degree. As soon as you reach the finishing line, drink 1 tube of Regenerations-Turbo +BCAA, through which you can directly provide your body with the decisive nutrients.